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Your source for U.S. Military M40 Gas Masks & M40A1 Field Protective Masks; plus parts and accessories for the M40 Series Respirators including the civilian 3M FR-M40.

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In service since the mid 1990s and still issued today, the M40 Gas Mask (also known as a field protective mask or respirator) is the benchmark upon which all other masks strive.

The M40 gas mask consists of a silicone rubber face piece with an in-turned peripheral face seal, binocular rigid eye lens system and elastic head harness. Other features include front and side voicemitters allowing better communication particularly when operating FM communications, drink tube for a drinking capability while being worn, and utilizes a filter canister with standard NATO 40mm threads. Because of these features, the mask can be worn continuously for 8 to 12 hours.

The M40A1 gas mask configuration (also referred to as the M40A1 field protective mask) includes a second skin which is made from
EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer [M-class] rubber)/butyl. The second skin covers the silicone M40 gas mask facepiece and increases respirator life and lowers decontamination costs. The M40A1 also includes a butyl coated nylon quick-doff hood which covers the head and neck, offering additional protection in an NBC (nuclear biological chemical) environment.

Common accessories may include a carry bag/haversack, tinted outserts (lenses), clear outserts, voicemitter or voice amplifier, the M40 operators manual, waterproof bag, C2A1 filter.

Most components of the M40 gas mask are easily replaced, and may include the head harness (headstrap), inlet valve disks, outlet valve disks, voicemitter side port gaskets, internal drinking tube, outlet valve covers, coupling half/quick disconnect drink tube connector, nosecup valve disks, microphone diaphragm side voicemitters, optical insert kits, replacement outserts, M1 canteen caps, upgraded skull cap-style head harnesses, and more.

The M40 series gas masks are not to be used in an oxygen depleted environment.
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